CUSP Swansea is a not for profit organisation.

CUSP Swansea endeavours to promote and harness the sports of skateboarding, scooters, inline skating and BMX. The indoor facility is set out in a way as to encourage people (with no discrimination to age or sex) to use the park for recreation, education and sporting purposes.
There are in excess of 1000 members so far who pay a minimum fee to be a part of the park and all of its activities at a reduced rate.

We provide opportunities for:

  • Recreation – the park was created to provide a safe, controlled environment for customers to use they’re equipment of choice. A social meeting point for young people, adults, community groups and schools.
  • Education – we hold lessons and taught sessions for two of the disciplines. We host schools and community groups in controlled taught sessions, teaching the importance of road and equipment safety in and out of the park. Our staff are trained in maintaining the equipment and help young people get the most out of their equipment. We host art exhibitions with local artists and students from the Swansea Metropolitan College.
  • We will be working with the council in regards to their portable skate ramp in less privileged areas of Swansea. Providing teachers and advice.
  • Community – parents use the park as a meeting and exchange point for children being picked up. Social workers use the park as a place for children to liase with families.
  • Training – we have a skateboarding and scooter team who regularly train at the park and a female roller derby team who use the park as a training facility. We have staff who are part of the CBSA project to encourage young people into employment. We have young people training here for the Duke of Edinburgh award and always encourage work placements with schools to take place here.
  • Competition – we regularly host national competitions for skateboarders and scooters which bring a wave of new people to the town.

Community Urban Sports Project Swansea (CUSP) makes a positive difference in the community by:

  • Providing a safe and supervised indoor environment where young people of all ages can enjoy skateboarding, inline skating, scooters and BMX, without hindrance to the public.
  • Inspiring young people to develop their skills in these sports with the support of our in-house coaches.
  • Encouraging young women to take part in what are traditionally male sports through our girl only sessions.